Yoga in Miami

For those in the know, there is nothing quite as refreshing and as exhilarating as yoga in Miami. This powerful form of exercise is a wonderful tool that can help you relax, energize, and stay centered. While we are known for showing you the best in luxury as well as cheap accommodation Miami, we can also show you the best places to go for yoga in Miami. Based on the popularity of yoga in this town, you might not have to venture far from your luxury or cheap accommodation Miami! Here are some excellent sources for yoga in Miami.

3rd Street Beach Yoga
Miami Beach
(305) 707-0030

Take your yoga outside and on to the beautiful Miami Beach! This is the laid-back and very fun approach to yoga. You will still get a great yoga workout, but the gang at 3rd Street Beach Yoga is all about getting out there and enjoying nature. Their website shows you just how they do it, with sessions every day at 7AM or 6PM. And, as the website says, if it is “below 55 degrees, stay in bed – it’s too chilly to practice”. Check them out at You will be glad that you did!

Anahata Yoga Studio
5445 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(848) 333-4126

Anahata Yoga Studio is a wonderful environment that sticks to the very roots of yoga teachings. Their wonderful staff keeps a focus on the individual, trying to help each guest reach a peaceful balance between their body, mind, and nature. If you like your yoga approach to be a bit more traditional, while still comfortable and inviting, you should do yourself a favor and explore Anahata Yoga Studio.

1676 Alton Road
Miami Beach
(305) 531-4743

Crunch offers yoga (and everything else that you would expect from a high-quality, Miami Beach gymnasium.) Inside you will find friendly staff, gorgeous facilities, state-of-the-art machines, and an extensive list of classes. Their yoga and Pilates classes may be overlooked because of this massive size and trendy appeal of this space, but rest-assured, they are very serious about their yoga.

Miami Life Center
736 6th Street
Miami Beach
(305) 534-8988

Miami Life Center is well known for all things holistic wellness and yoga. This serene and welcoming environment welcomes yoga enthusiasts of all abilities and experience. They feature $20 drop-in rates for classes. Their website, is a treasure trove of information – covering the basics of the lifestyle, as well as refresher information, and ideas for beginners. Definitely check them out!

Shakti Yoga Miami
210A 23rd Street
Miami Beach
(786) 985-7312

Shakti Yoga’s staff and trainers are world-class and helpful. This wonderful place offers up a variety of yoga styles, including: Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Core Yoga, to Pre-Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga and even Warrior Yoga. Shakti Yoga does this in a very contemporary and welcoming style. They truly offer something for everyone!

Synergy Yoga Center
435 Espanola Way
Miami Beach
(305) 538-7073

Synergy Yoga Center offers a refreshing approach to yoga and holistic teachings that is nothing short of amazing. The Synergy team is well versed in a variety of teachings, including yoga for kids as well as pre-natal yoga. They also offer their entire class catalogue on a donation pay structure. If you are looking at getting some quality instruction in a welcoming environment, take a look at Synergy Yoga Center. They know their stuff!