Why don't other companies charge a sales or resort tax?

The city of Miami Beach and the state of Florida have very strict rules, all Miami Beach accommodation that is rented for less than 6 months need to pay resort and sales taxes it is the law. We often receive the following question by our prospective clients, " can i not pay taxes", our answer is evidently negative. The second question that pops up often is why other operators dont levy those taxes? our response is always the same, we dont know but this would be against the law. The law is very clear all Miami Beach accommodation used for transient use should pay sales and resort taxes. Operators that dont levy taxes have reasons not to do so the answer might be one of the following:

  • They knowingly cheat governments
  • They may involved in illegal short term rental activity. The city of Miami Beach passed two ordinances that severely restricted short term rentals, as a result a very large portion of current Miami Beach vacation rentals available for rent are illegal. It is crucial for vacationers to proceed with caution and to request the operator of short term rental to present its properties licenses, the city license also call BTR and the state license. Both licenses are required to operate short term rentals in Miami Beach.