Why do I need to check-in and check-out?

When arriving in Miami one of our property managers will meet you at your Miami Beach accommodation. Our team will let guest penetrate in the Miami Beach accommodation that was reserved and will conduct the check in. What is exactly the process of checking in? It is a really simple process, in fact our property managers will explain you several things:

  • We will walk you through the property showing you where everything and make sure you know how to use all appliances and other electronics.
  • While doing the walk through we will make note of any problems will tour together the property to make sure that there is no problem in the properties and create a list of flaws or damages if neccessary.
  • The property manager will go over our policies and the city's rules and regulation to ensure everyone has a peaceful stay.
  • Before leaving the property manager will schedule a time to perform a check-out on your departure date. For more information go here… checking-out.

At this point you will sign a document that establishes the existing conditions of the property. At check-out we will do the same process to assess if damages that may have occurred during your stay.