When is the best time to reserve a vacation rental Miami lodging?

The earliest is always the better to reserve a vacation rental miami lodging. The reason being that by doing this you will make sure that most properties are available and also that you have a leverage to get the best possible prices on your lodging. Miami is not as seasonal as it used to be and has a quite high occupancy rate throughout the year. Of course booking a Miami lodging during peak seasons or during peak events such as the Winter Music conference can be quite challenging if you are a “last minute” booker.

Nowadays companies have the required statistics and this months in advance to know when they will be fully booked or when they will have some vacancies, they are usually using a flexible pricing strategy to make sure that all properties will be rented and this at the optimum rates. Sometimes, those optimum pricing will materialize in lower rates sometimes higher.

For a rule of thumb we suggest that you book your property at least 2 months in advance. But if you are a later booker please do not hesitate to ask for our special rates for last minute booking for our Miami lodging vacation rentals.