What is the limit that Miami habitat can charge clients?

Our company is the prime Miami Beach vacation rental agency in Miami. Our only goal is to make sure that our guests enjoy our Miami Beach vacation rentals while respecting the property in which they are staying. Our only business is the renting of Miami Beach lodging on the behalf of our private clients.

We are insisting that our guests respect our properties rules and regulation and all applicable city ordinances. Our contracts indicates clearly what is authorized and what is not, our contract will also come up with specific costs and additional fees should certain events occur, sometimes costs are more difficult to assess; ie cleaning a property in which clients smoked or where an unauthorized party was conducted. On average we are charging only 3% of our clients for issues that they created, the average amounts only for a few hundred dollars.

However we had cases where people, smoked, partied and damaged our properties in those case we charged a few thousands dollars.

We strongly suggest that our guests respect our properties and city ordinances.