What is the cancellation policy of our Miami Beach lodging?

Our contract highlights in details our Miami Beach cancellation policies. Guests need to understand that the very nature of vacation rentals Miami Beach lodging is very different than hotels. In most cases properties that we manage are owned by individual owners. At the time we are booking and receive payments for their property we need to pay them. We encourage our guests to analyse our contract thoroughly before booking. As a rule of thumb the closer we get to the arrival date the less money guests may hope to retrieve. A client books a property 6 months in advance and 5 months before arrival, he needs to cancel he will be able to get most of his money back. However if the same guest wants to cancel say 30 days before arrival he will lose most of his rental amounts. The logic is very clear, the more time we have to rebook the property, the more chance we have to do so and therefore we are willing to take this risk on behalf of our owners. We strongly suggest that all guests contract a trip insurance policy. A few dollars well invested worths the elimination of worries and headaches.