What information do you need to list a property?

At Miamihabitat we add new vacation rentals in Miami Beach every week, please read more about our listing process. In order to list your Miami Beach vacation rental we will need to get a full description of the property.

If you have a condo in a building, we will first need to receive a description of the building with high resolution pictures then a description of your apartment. The descriptions that we need to receive should be in engish for a reasonable fee we will translate them in 5 other languages. The most important description is of course the description of your Miami vacation condo, you need to detail its equipments, bedding, views, appliances, the objective of course is to make sure that by reading prospective clients understand what they will be getting. Pictures are also crucial, they need to be taken in high resolution format and every single room needs to be taken from different angles. At Miamihabitat we believe that YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET is a winning proposition, guests should see the property the way it is, they should have no surprises.