What happens if I dont like the property?

Miamihabitat goes the extra mile to publish multiple photos of our Miami Beach lodging. Visitors on our websites will see the same room in many different angles, we are also publishing a detailed description of our Miami Beach lodging. We will spare no details, we will highlight the strong points of our properties and also highlight some of the negatives. We want our guests to be fully aware of where they will stay. Our policy is always to be very upfront, and avoid any misrepresentation. We understand that some of our competitors or hotels do not share this same value but we insist that YOU will SEE what you GET before booking one of our Miami Beach lodging. Vacation rentals are usually owned by private owners so when guests book a property, our company will forward most of your payment to our owners and there is really nothing we can do as a company. The only way we will act on your behalf is:

  • If the property was miss-represented but it will never be the case because we are checking all our properties
  • If the property is not usable because of serious reason such as a leak. We always encourage clients to spend time reading our descriptions and analyzing our pictures before they book. In specific cases if an owner has several properties under management with us we might be able provide an alternate property.