What condition does the property have to be inat check-out?

Our company has a reputation of offering good quality lodging in Miami Beach at a great price. We are able to do so by having careful cooperating clients. We will deliver lodging in Miami Beach that is in good condition and we expect to take our property in the same condition so that our next guest may also enjoy its holidays.

We expect clients that rent lodging in Miami Beach through our company to take care of the property as if it were their own home. However, to protect ourselves and our properties against any damages that may occur during a tenant’s stay we have implemented a strict protocol. This includes a thorough and detailed check-in and check-out process which helps us to identify fix any damages may have been created by guests.

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We expect our guests to respect our lodging in Miami Beach and be careful not to damage anything. The property should be left in the same condition it was at check-in. At Miamihabitat.com we are in the business of renting properties not of repairing properties damaged by our guests