Traveling to Bahamas from Miami

Before 9/11, security was not as strict and it was much easier to travel. Now, going to or from Miami or Fort Lauderdale on a boat is more complicated than ever. Spending just one day in the Bahamas, before returning to Miami, is not worth it with all the time you are required to spend traveling and clearing customs. Passengers in Miami are required to go through US authorities at the port of entry. You can spend up to an hour or two at the port of entry and clearing US Customs. A 3-day trip is a much more reasonable time frame to spend away when you are traveling to Bahamas from Miami. People love traveling to Bahamas from Miami to discover the deep blues and aquatic life. The Bahamas is a paradise for scuba divers, fishermen, beach goers and gamblers. If you are traveling to Bahamas from Miami, make sure you visit Nassau, Harbour Island or Eleuthera. Once you are done with your time in the Bahamas, you will return to the comfort of your accommodations Miami. Accommodations Miami are a great lodging option, especially if you plan to spend any time away. Staying in accommodations Miami saves you some guilt from throwing money away.