Travel with Your Dog

Traveling with your pet is not so simple. You need to be well informed to make travel with your dog in Miami more tranquil and enjoyable. Following are some tips on the formalities if you want to travel with your dog in Miami and stay in vacation rentals Miami. First and foremost, make sure the airline you will be traveling on accepts pets, and if so, whether they are required to ride in the hold or cabin. Second, make sure your pet is vaccinated at least one month (but less than one year) before departure; documents will likely be requested at checkpoints. Regarding your dog or cat food, remember that agricultural products and meat are not allowed to enter U.S. territory. Ask your airline for specific details. Upon arrival in Miami, rest assured that your cat or dog will leave the airport with you. The regulations relating to pets remaining in quarantine, as is the case in other nearby destinations including the islands, does not apply when you travel with your dog in Miami. Of course, make sure that your vacation rentals Miami accept pets. In closing, good preparation is essential for a comfortable and smooth holiday in vacation rentals Miami.