Towing in Miami Beach

Towing in Miami Beach

Getting your car towed is no fun at all, but as long as you follow all the rules and regulations regarding parking in Miami Beach, towing in Miami will not be an issue.

First and foremost, individuals should follow all parking in Miami Beach guidelines to prevent such an incident. Be careful where you park. There are multiple areas throughout the city where towing in Miami takes place due to prohibited parking. 

A vehicle tow may occur for several reasons:

  • Public property tows- this occurs when a vehicle is illegally parked in a parking lot or on the street. 
  • Parking in fire lanes or near a hydrant
  • Double-parking
  • Parking in a handicap spot
  • Parking in a residential zone
  • Parking in a loading zone

Private property tows- this occurs when an owner deems your vehicle as “unauthorized” to park in a privately owned parking lot. The property owner can authorize the vehicle to be removed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Parking citations- this occurs due to an unpaid parking violation. All parking violations must be fully paid in order to be able to pick up your vehicle from the tow facility.

Retrieving your vehicle after being towed:
If your vehicle is in the process of being towed and you arrive on the scene and would like for it to be released on site, the tow operator must adhere to your command and release your vehicle for half of the tow rate. 
If regaining possession of your vehicle at the towing facility, the vehicle owner must present a form of picture ID that matches the name of the individual registered to the car.

  Towing Fees in Miami Beach  
Class A - Automobiles   $140
Class B - 15,001 to 22,500 lbs  $145
Class C - 22,501 to 58,000 lbs  $175
Class D - over 58,000 lbs  $200
Administrative Fees $35
Flatbed $40
Fee per Mile $6
Labor $30
Outside Storage $30
Indoor Storage $35
After Hours $30

Payment Methods accepted by tow companies in Miami:
All companies accept cash, traveler’s checks, and personal checks. There are also ATM machines within reasonable walking distance.

Towing Companies in Miami Beach:
Beach Towing
1349 Dade Boulevard (West of Alton Road)

Tremont Towing
1747 Bay Road (2 blocks West of Alton Road)

For more information:
Parking/Code Enforcement Hotline

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