Should I Take Out Travel Insurance?

There are lots of decisions to make when planning a vacation in Miami including making your travel plans, choosing a Miami Beach accommodation and deciding what activities you will do. All these things add up and taking out travel insurance to some may seem like an added expense you don’t need. Hopefully you won't need insurance however it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. If something does happen it can save you tons of money.

Travel insurance will protect you and your family if unexpected situations happen after you have booked and paid for your vacation. Most importantly travel insurance will cover your lodging fees if you have to cancel your trip. Whether you have booked cheap lodging in Miami or a luxury vacation rental, lodging expenses typically account for over half of the total cost of a vacation. If your trip is canceled due to unexpected circumstances, travel insurance covers the cost of your Miami Beach accommodation.

Travel insurance covers more than just the cancelation of your Miami Beach accommodation including:

  • Your flight has been cancelled.
  • Luggage is lost and you need an emergency prescription filled.
  • Passport and wallet stolen and you need cash immediately and a replacement passport.
  • You or a family member is in an accident and you need medical evacuation.
  • You are in a foreign country and have a medical emergency.
  • A hurricane interrupts your vacation and you must evacuate.