Short term rental ban in Florida

Several years ago and nearly overnight the rentals of Miami holiday apartments increased tremendously. New condos flooded the market many of which were purchased as investments and then offered as short term rentals. The short term rental industry in Miami which was barely regulated now had thousands of new Miami holiday apartments available to the public. Numerous complaints by residents and tourists were brought to the attention of local governments as a direct result large number of unethical operators and companies that managed many of these Miami holiday apartments. To protect their neighborhoods city officials in each municipality were forced to either ban short term rentals or to pass new ordinances that would regulate the operation of Miami holiday apartments.

In 2008, the Mayor of Miami Beach and the City Commissioners tried to ‘ban’ short term rentals by drafting new city ordinances. These new ordinances would prohibit the rental of Miami holiday apartments for periods of 6 months or less. Owners of short term rentals throughout other municipalities in Miami were also battling against local city council and zoning departments who wanted to ban the short term rentals of homes completely.

The city of Miami Beach in 2010 passed the ordinance in the historic districts of Flamingo Park and Espanola Way in South Beach that restricted short-term rentals for less than six months. However, the city did make an exception for a select few. Owners of properties that were previously licensed for short term rentals, current on their taxes and whose properties passed the new fire and building regulations were grandfathered in and allowed to continue operating. Short term rentals of single-family homes in residential areas of Miami Beach were banned completely by the City. This ban did not allow for any exceptions.

Short-term rentals of homes in Miami Beach became an issue when neighbors began complaining to the city about what was referred to as ‘Party Houses’. Why the City of Miami Beach would implement restrictions on vacation rentals when its main source of money is from tourism is beyond anyone’s imagination.