Sardinia Restaurant Miami

Sardinia Ristorante
1801 Purdy Avenue / South Beach / 305-531-2228
Open 7 days a week, Noon until Midnight
Italian cuisine and wine

You would expect the list of top Miami Beach restaurants to be laden with seafood and perhaps Cuban cuisine. Well, while you are in your holiday apartments Miami, planning your dining for the evening, you might be surprised to find Sardinia Ristorante, an Italian restaurant, on the list. How did Sardinia make it on the top Miami Beach restaurants list, among all of those seafood places? Well, by highlighting exquisite recipes from a particular region of Italy, the island of Sardinia.

Sardinia Ristorante has been featured on national television shows and for good reason. Their recipes are completely unique and down right exemplary. We love the white truffles, the roast baby suckling pig, and any of their hard-to-find wines.

We have yet to experience a meal at Sardinia that didn’t blow us away. The portions, the prices, the atmosphere, and the food all make us come back frequently! Give it a shot; you will know why it is listed among the top Miami Beach restaurants.