Is there a safe in the property?

safe-in-rentalsMiamihabitat tries to provide guests with everything they may need while vacationing in Miami. Although Miami is a safe environment, like in most large cities things can happen and you must always take safety precautions. For this reason we have installed safes in all of our Miami Beach vacation rentals. You can use the safe in rentals to store important and valuable things such as a passport, jewelry, money or even a computer.

Over the past decade that we have been in business there has only been a few theft incidents and we have not felt it necessary to obtain theft insurance. Many of these thefts involved guests leaving the door or window of the rental opened. Unfortunately valuables were left in plain view and were stolen. MiamiHabitat takes no responsibility in cases where a guest is negligent. Furthermore the owners of our Miami Beach vacation rentals are not insured against theft. We strongly suggest that all guests take advantage of the safe in the rental and store all important belongings.