Miami Beach vacation rental infos: rent a Harley Davidson in Miami

Harley Davidson is one of the symbol of the American lifestyle. Miami is a great city to ride a motorcycle. Our weather in Miami is just ideal with sun throughout the year, however we suggest that people rent a Harley from November to April when the climate is not too hot and humid. Our roads in Miami do not have too much traffic.
Our drivers are for sure not the best but they drive slowly and respect bikers and more specifically those that drive Harley Davidson. Our bikers in Miami are hitting the road mostly the week end so it might be a good idea to rent one during the week end as well to feel the link that exists between Harley Davidson Riders.
Our driving regulations in South Florida allow for riders to experience riding without helmets, it is not the safest way to ride but for sure an exhilarating experience, wearing glasses however is mandatory. Additionally contrary to other states or countries, drivers are not allowed to zigzag in between lines they need to stay safely in their lines. Not respecting local driving regulations will be costly.
From our Miami Beach vacation rentals there are plenty of areas to ride to, either around town, to go to Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Naples etc.
You should make sure that you have a valid motorcycle license otherwise riding a harley in Miami will just be a dream. PLease find hereunder several providers of Harley Davidson, we suggest Petersons. Petersons is one of the largest harley davidson dealer in the Miami area.
From yourMiami Beach vacation rentalsit will take you around 30 minutes to get there.