Refusal of visa

The rates of Miami refusal of visa, an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) or former I-94W are very low. In most cases, you should receive a reply to your visitor visa request within seconds. Once your visitor visa is granted, your ESTA is valid for 2 years. Do not go and book your Miami Beach lodging right away. An approval of your ESTA doesn’t mean you are automatically granted entry to the United States. There are conditions you should make sure you meet before you reserve your Miami Beach lodging.

Some conditions apply in order to obtain travel authorization and avoid Miami refusal of visa such as:

- Intention to spend no more than 90 days in the country
- Passport must be valid for 6 months upon the intended visit date
- A return trip ticket to any destination other than a territory bordering the US or an adjacent island (unless you are a resident of the adjacent country or island)
- Never having been refused a visa in the past

Since 1980, a travel ban prevented people with HIV to travel to the US. However, since October 2009, the ban ended and the Miami refusal of visa cannot be motivated by the fact the traveler has HIV, alone. People with HIV/AIDS are now able to travel freely into the US. Find affordable Miami Beach lodging as soon as possible.