Population of Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach is internationally known for its stylish buildings, world-class nightlife, and sensational beaches. It is often thought to be filled with opulent homes and ultra-rich citizens. The City of Miami Beach certainly does have some money among its residents, but you can find cheap accommodation Miami is nearby, offering a variety of different abodes.

Ultimately, the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the City of Miami Beach. According to a recent census, there are 87,933 residents in Miami Beach. That breaks out to a split of 51% male to 49% female. An interesting note is that only 28% of the population in Miami Beach is over the age of 55. The median age of Miami Beach residents is 39.

As for other demographic information, the population skews Hispanic, with 54% of the population being of Latin descent.

The City of Miami Beach is ranked 26th when it comes to the highest population density in the United States. However, it is 2nd in highest housing density, behind only New York City. The population balloons to the top 5 during the winter, when rental units are more likely to be occupied.

There is more than meets the eye to the thriving City of Miami Beach. There is an eclectic culture, booming economy, and real estate options for many budgets. Come see it for yourself!