Photos of Miami from the Sky

There is no shortage of stunning landmarks, natural beauty, and cosmopolitan design in the city of Miami. When strolling around this town, with its amazing art deco style, luxury Miami holiday apartments, and world-class entertainment, it is easy to overlook some of the more amazing aspects of Miami. The intercostals and other unique waterways make Miami a one-of-a kind destination. Why don’t you take a look at our photos of Miami from the sky and visualize Miami from a whole new perspective? When viewed from above, one really gets a feel for the geography that adds to the unique feel of this South Florida metropolis.

These images will let you get a much better feel for your trip to Miami. Take a look at these photos of Miami from the sky and see how the main thoroughfares, like Collins Ave, Lincoln Road, and Pine Tree Dr. work together. You’ll also see the awe-inspiring Julia Tuttle Causeway which helps traffic flow in a major way!

Try to see if you can spot the Art Deco District. This area of town is internationally known for its stylish, 1920’s design as well as offering world class galleries and tours. Your eyes may also be drawn to the sensation Lincoln Road Mall, which is one of the premier outdoor malls in the world.

One thing is certain, Miami is a mesmerizing city – and our photos of Miami from the sky certainly point that out!