Municipalities restrict weekly rentals in Miami

Over the past few years many municipalities have implemented new laws restricting weekly rentals in Miami. Some areas such as the Flamingo Park and Historic Districts in South Beach have banned Miami condo vacation rentals altogether.

The City of Miami Beach has a higher flow of tourist than other municipalities throughout Miami; it also has the larger industry for short term rentals. It is for this reason the mission to restrict weekly rentals in Miami began in the South Beach area eventually extending throughout Miami-Dade.

The new quest to restrict weekly rentals in Miami began in 2008 with Miami condo vacation rentals in South Beach and quickly spread. Continuing through 2010, the most elite neighborhoods of Miami, particularly the communities closest to the beach, had implemented a ban or new laws that restricted short term rentals.

Although a few exceptions were made, the City of North Miami Beach passed a new ordinance that forbids owners of single-family homes to rent their property more than three times per year. Municipalities that passed laws banning weekly rentals in Miami completely included the City of Surfside, Bal Harbour and Key Biscayne.

In 2010, the city of Miami Beach passed an ordinance that granted exemptions to select owners that previously operated Miami condo vacation rentals. The fifty properties that were grandfathered in had to be in good standing with the city, had paid all resort taxes in full and in a timely matter and then comply with stringent new building and the fire codes.