Miami scooter rental near to your holiday apartments in Miami

The weather is sensational, the holiday apartments Miami Beach offers are luxurious, and the setting is perfect. One question remains: how do we get around this great town? Miami scooter rental may be the route to go! Scooters are fun, safe, and inexpensive.

Miami scooter rental is fun way to get around the city. These comfortable and easy to maneuver scooters have become a booming business. Whether you are looking to just head to the beach, or maybe grab lunch or dinner at one of the many bistros in town, a scooter is a hip and refreshing way to move about town. There are many different vendors to choose from.

And, just so you know, you are not limited to just scooters. If you want to try a fun, exciting way of traveling, take a look at the Segway – which is offered by many vendors in Miami Beach. Some vendors even offer customized golf carts that look (and drive) like miniature Cadillac Escalade’s. No one said renting a scooter required an actual scooter!

There really are a ton of options out there, and here are some places to get you started exploring the great sights and sounds that this magical city of Miami has to offer.

Miami Beach Scooter Rental
213 6th Street
Miami Beach
(305) 604-1718

VIP Scooters
739 5th Street
Miami Beach
(305) 672-1311

Bike and Roll Miami (Bikes and Segway’s only)
210 10th Street
Miami Beach
(305) 604-0001

Beach Scooter
1341 Washington Ave
Miami Beach (305) 532-0977