Transportation in Miami - Miami Metromover

As far as transportation in Miami goes, the Metromover is the best deal! The line has an inner loop (Omni) and outer loop (Brickell), which both run all week from 5:00 AM until midnight. Maps for the Metromover are located near the entrance to each station and on the Miami-Dade website. Once on the station, listen for the beep that announces the arrival of a new train. Wait for the passengers to exit the train before entering. Hold on to a pole or handrail to help you balance. The seats are for disabled individuals and senior citizens only. As the Metromover nears each station, its name will be announced, so know where your exit point will be in advance. Use the stairs, elevator, or escalator to reach street level.

Disabled Parking
The tactile tiles are to alert the visually impaired to be aware that the platform edge is near. Priority seats, located at each end of the car, are available for the handicapped or senior citizens. If a disabled individual finds an elevator that is in not working properly, he can use the red box to request back up accessible service.

Hours of Operation
The Metromover inner loop and the outer loop (Omni and Brickell) run from 5 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. Trains arrive frequently. The schedule may change for special events. The trains run every 90 seconds during rush hour and every three minutes at other times throughout the day.

The Metrorail
To transfer to the Metrorail, exit at either Brickell Station or Government Center Station and follow the signs to the gates with the special Metrorail/Metromover fares.

As the Metromover moves quickly around the city and to the best Miami beach accommodations, there are certain rules passengers must follow:

  • Always hold on.
  • No running in the station.
  • Children must always hold an adult’s hand.
  • Stand clear of the platform edge.
  • Enter the guideway is prohibited.
  • Rollerblading, skating, and skateboarding are not permitted in the rail stations.
  • If you drop something on the tracks, do not try to retrieve it yourself. Contact a staff member or use the telephone at the security officer’s booth to get help.