Transportation in Miami- Miami Metrobus

The Metrobus offers transportation in Miami and around the Miami-Dade County, from Miami Beach to the western half of the county and from the Middle Keys to Broward Boulevard. The Metrobus offers over ninety routes using over 800 buses and connects to the Metrorail and Metromover. All buses are wheelchair accessible.

Access and Parking
The green signs along the Metrobus route mark the bus stops. As each bus arrives at the stop, the name or number of the final destination will be announced. The bus windshield also lists the destination. Short routes are specified with a letter in addition to the route number. Please allow disabled passengers to exit or board first. Priority seating, reserved for senior citizens and those with disabilities, is the first two seats facing forward. Signify your stop by pulling the cord, or in some busses by pressing the stop button or tape, at least one block before your stop. Try to exit using the rear doors to allow oncoming passengers on board through the main doors.

You can park and ride the Miami public transit system for free at any of the following terminals: West Kendall Transit Terminal, Kendall Drive and SW 150 Ave, Busway - SW 152 St., Busway - SW 168 St., Busway - SW 112 Ave., Busway - SW 244 St., Coral Reef Drive/Florida's Turnpike, Hammocks Town Center, Golden Glades, and Miami Gardens Drive Park and Ride. .

Hours of Operation
The Metrobus schedule varies by route and day. Several buses run 24-hours per day and three of the buses offer overnight transportation. Bus schedules, a trip planner, transit tracker, and directions can all be found on the Miami-Dade website.

The Metrobus costs $2.00 per trip. You can pay by EASY Card or EASY ticket, available through one of the many vending machines at the entrance of the Metrorail station. Free bus-to-bus and bus-to-rail transfers are available when you use your EASY Card or Ticket if used within three hours of your initial card or ticket use. You can pay with cash, but change cannot be given. Paper transfers are not available, and each trip must be paid separately when paying cash.

Miami-Dade Transit Customer Service
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m .
Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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