Miami Hotel Reviews

When organizing your own Miami vacation packages the worst mistake you can make is to reserve the wrong hotel in Miami. Your hotel can greatly affect your vacation experience and booking the wrong accommodations could ruin your trip. Booking a decent hotel is one of the most important phases in building Miami vacation packages therefore it’s important to do your research. Don’t trust promotional propaganda such as glossy brochures and professional photographs. They can make even the grungiest Miami hotels look like first-class resorts. Researching Miami hotel reviews based on the opinions of other guests are a sure way to avoid a disastrous vacation.

Travelers should refer to websites that specialize in unbiased Miami hotel reviews. The larger travel websites publish reviews and ratings of their guests and are a pretty good way to check a hotel. While Trip Advisor’s Hotel website is not known for the precision and the adequacy of its descriptions, there are two sites that have a unique perspective on hotels and offer real photos and opinions from professionals.

The Miami hotel reviews featured on are the opinions of professional’s that are paid to travel from hotel to hotel and post their expert opinions. These professional reporters are paying guests of each hotel that they visit and do not receive special treatment. is an aggregator site that pulls Miami hotel reviews and information from all over the Internet and regurgitates it on their own site. This website pulls hotel review from sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and reliable travel blogs then rates them to give you a brief but accurate assessment of each hotel.