How to fill out Immigration Forms at Miami Airport

When immigrating to the US, it is essential to properly fill out Miami airport immigration forms. The U.S. Customs and Immigrations Forms at the airport should be flawless to save time and prevent unnecessary issues. Fill it out slowly and double check each and every answer before submitting the form to the proper authorities.

The answer to each of the following questions should be completed on the line beneath the line number and both forms must be completed in their entirety.

Write your airline, flight number, and originating city. This information can be copied directly from your airline ticket.

When writing your U.S. address, it is permissible to use a hotel or apartment name if you are staying at a Miami apartment short term. Include the business name and city on the form.

At the bottom of the I-94 form, clearly write your departure record.

Fill out the back of the green I-94W form and sign and date it.

Complete all of the Customs Form, even if you have nothing to declare. If you are connecting to another international flight, you still must fill out both the Customs and Miami airport Immigration forms, unless you are in an in-transit lounge.