When traveling, people tend to take part of their home with them and enough clothes to cover all situations and the length of their trip to their Miami Beach accommodations. It is quite easy to end up with a heavy, over-packed bag.

Airlines have restrictions and Miami luggage requirements concerning the weight of your luggage. Should you go over the Miami luggage requirements limit, you will end up paying for each kilo exceeding the weight limit. On average, the Miami luggage requirements limit is 23 kg. Each airline has its own requirement and the cost per extra kg varies as well. Traveling in coach, business or first class also affects the number of luggage pieces you are allowed to take and the weight limit for each.

There are Miami luggage requirements and restrictions on the items allowed in suitcases or in your hand luggage including sharp objects, explosives, flammable material, ammunition and so on.

Don’t forget to leave space for souvenirs and gifts you are bringing back home from Miami Beach accommodations. Find your favorite Miami Beach accommodations as soon as possible.