Miami Vacation Rental Tips, Louis Bar Lounge in Miami Beach

Louis Bar Lounge at The Gansevoort
2325 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139
305) 531-4600

The Opium Group dominates the upscale club and lounge scene in South Beach, and its Louis Bar Lounge in Miami Beach is no exception. In addition to the hottest locals around, it draws celebrities; important members of the fashion, design, and music industries; and international jet setters who stay in the stylish vacation rentals in Miami and relax in lounges by the Opium Group. The Louis Bar Lounge Miami Beach opened its doors in late 2008, drawing crowds immediately, including A-listers such as Lenny Kravitz, Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson, and Russell Simmons. Located among the fabulous vacation rentals that Miami touts, this lounge offers a full bar in a modern setting as well as a relaxed lounge space within the new Gansevoort South. With a unique mix of Parisian décor, the Louis Bar Lounge is a hot spot worth visiting.

This “very trendy, rocker chic” lounge offers the appearance of a “massive club,” but once inside, you’ll be surprised that it’s “actually smaller and more intimate” than you anticipated. The bright orange and pink walls hold French pictures and mirrors and the large chairs at the entranceway provide a comfortable place to just chill and watch the scene. One of the unique aspects of the lounge is the “little people that dance on the bar and blow nitro into the crowd.” Don’t expect to come here to relax; the Louis has a party atmosphere. The bathrooms are updated and clean and rarely crowded, which is always a benefit. The one “downside” that reviewers inevitably mention is that it is a smaller venue.

Yelp reviewers felt that it was easy to get in and the service was quick and efficient. One patron added that the staff members – who were tattooed, edgy, and good-looking – had a “rough attitude,” but she attributed it to the theme of the club. The bartenders take the time to greet guests, but are still provide quick service. One Yelp reviewer had a different experience, and warns of a “sour-faced doorman” who acted like “a cattle rancher” in regards to door policies as well as the “mute and blind” bouncers who won’t even acknowledge requests for directions to the restroom.

Music and dancing
The DJ’s spin some great tunes, keeping the place hopping. Most reviewers enjoyed both the music and any dancing, even though the dance floor is rather small. One patron, though, was unimpressed with what he felt sounded like “amateur night at the club,” adding that the young DJ mixed “today's top 40 with hip hop from the '90s, and NOT in a good DJ Z-Trip kind of way.”

The cover charge is a maximum of $25, but if you know the right people – or impress the doorman – you can get in for free. The cocktails are in line with other clubs and lounges in Miami at around $10 to $20 per drink. One reviewer was unimpressed with the drink policy, when she was required to open a tab, rather than paying for her two drinks up front. Especially after she discovered that “there’s a $40 minimum to open a tab.”