La Regatta - Columbus Day Regatta

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail and came upon a new world. Columbus is celebrated by people around the nation for helping introduce us to more of our earth. In Miami, we celebrate his life and adventure with La Regatta Miami. Boaters from everywhere come stay in Miami vacation rentals and come together in Biscayne Bay to race for great prizes, and party all the while. La Regatta Miami races last two days and a really large group of boaters come along just for the party. Miami locals take a boat ride to Elliot Key and anchor their boat in a spot within a huge mass of other boats.

La Regatta Miami is dedicated to protecting the marine life of South Florida. All race contestants are required to adhere to strict safety standards and speed limits to protect passengers as well as the marine life of South Florida such as the manatee and sea turtle. There are plenty of hotels and Miami vacation rentals available for rent for out-of-towners wishing to participate in La Regatta Miami. Miami vacation rentals are usually a more comfortable and affordable option.