Miami Beach vacation rental infos: kitesurfing in Miami

Miami is the ideal destination for watersports lovers, Miami is surrounded by water. Guests staying in our Miami Beach vacation rental and that love sailing should try this incredible sport.
Kitesurfing is a sport that combines kite and surf, it needs to be practiced when there is enough wind of course. Kitesurfing is one of the coolest sports ever, it requires an understanding of the wind and also a good balance.
There are several spots and companies offering kitesurfing gear or classes. Vacationers can practice there or can learn as well. One of the nicest spots in in Key Biscayne in Crandon Park, it is recognized as one of the best spot in the us.
It is exposed to winds facing the ocean part of Key BIscayne, but is also practiced in a lagoon that is the best to learn. Key Biscayne is located at a 15 minute drive of our Miami Beach vacation rentals, it is a wonderful island.
Furthermore the scenery of Key Biscayne is just wonderful with its unique tropical setting. people that are advanced can rent the required equipment there and enjoy Miami from another angle.
Clubs offer individual classes, group classes and also multi day sessions. You are in a quest of adrenaline spike? try Kitesurfing today !