Is Miami Habitat a traditional business or internet based only?

Miami Habitat is not internet based only. We are a traditional business with a physical address and have been a leader in the Miami Beach lodging industry for over 12 years. The three buildings that makeup Miami Habitat’s offices are located in the heart of South beach. We employee approximately 30 people including management staff, sales people, customer service reps, web developers, marketing people, housekeeping and a full time maintenance crew. The employees at Miami Habitat can communicate with clients in seven different languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Miami Habitat also uses the internet to market our properties. We have over 23 real estate and tourism related websites that we own, operate and maintain ourselves. A majority these websites are dedicated strictly to marketing our vacation home rentals in Miami. Through the internet and with the help of our dedicated multilingual staff we have successfully rented Miami Beach lodging to clients that come from all around the world.

To read more about our company and employees and to see a list of our other travel related websites please go to .... "About Our Company".

For more information on vacation home rentals in Miami please contact one of our reservation agents at 305-673-3958 or by email.