Is there an alarm in the property?

For the comfort and safety of our guests our all of our Miami Beach vacation rental homes are equipped with alarm systems. The alarm is simple to use and can be activated and deactivated by using the remote control. It is very important that guests of our vacation rental homes be cautious and comply with all rules and regulations in order to keep their belongings as well as the property owner’s belongings safe.

We ask guests to please put the alarm on whenever they leave the premises of the Miami Beach vacation rental. They should also make sure that they deactivate the alarm upon reentry in order not to trigger the loud alarm. If you are caught off guard please hurry to deactivate the alarm system.

Additionally when the alarm is engaged it will signal the police department who will in turn dispatch a patrol in a matter of a minutes. Having the police respond is not a pleasant experience and the local police do not take home alarms lightly. They take no risks and will dispatch several officers who will secure the entire property by walking through each room possibly with guns drawn.

Local police authorities will charge the property owner if they are dispatched for a false alarm that was due to the negligence of the occupants.