Is Miami safe?

Many first-time visitors unfamiliar with the area often ask, ‘is Miami safe’? Miami, like other big cities has its share of petty crimes. Many years ago Miami's reputation was tarnished by a spree of crimes that targeted tourists. Since then the City of Miami has implemented visitor-safety programs that include neighborhood patrols in an effort to keep travelers safe. Even our cheap lodging in Miami is located in a safe neighborhood.

Miami, like most big cities, has neighborhoods that are less safe than others such as Liberty City, and Opa-Locka. Avoid going to Little Haiti or Little Havana at night and if you visit during the day bring someone with you. We also recommend that you avoid the area north of downtown called Overtown. If visiting Miami for the first time we suggest you familiarize yourself with the streets and highways before traveling anywhere by yourself.

The more popular tourist areas of Miami-Dade such as Miami Beach are often much safer than other neighborhoods but visitors should still be cautious. Use common sense and always be aware of your surrounds particularly when walking at night. Leave jewelry and other valuables in your hotel. Even cheap lodging in Miami will have an in-room safe.