How often do you update your properties?

At we take the condition and upkeep of our Miami Beach vacation rentals very seriously. Our properties are inspected every week. During these weekly inspections and routine maintenance of our rentals we have a long check list of things that must be updated regularly as well as add any additional work that may need to be done.

Once we have completed the weekly inspections a schedule is then put together for our maintenance team in an effort to complete all updates and fix any additional problems prior to the check-in of our guests. Updates and maintenance issues are then marked with a "priority ranking" from the highest priority or most important tasks scheduled first. Lower priority tasks will be scheduled at a later date according to our arrival and departures. We are always aiming at delivering a zero default rental. Issues regarding maintenance of our rentals are addressed each week to insure our guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay with us.

With the help of proprietary software that our company helped to developed, we can efficiently keep track of necessary updates to our Miami Beach vacation rentals as well as maintain our high quality of standards.

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How often does you inspect you properties?

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