How often do we charge clients for damages? is the largest Miami Beach vacation rentals company in the area. We have over forty employees that work within the several different departments throughout the company. While each department is in charge of handling its own sets of responsibilities, our employees still work together as a team to insure our clients have the best possible stay while in Miami. For more information on Miami Habitat and its employees go here….About us.

We have been in the Miami Beach vacation rentals industry for more than a decade and are proud to say we have over a 90% positive feedback from our clients. We attribute this to our employee’s team effort to constantly maintain and improve our properties. We also spend a large amount of time trying to educating our clients in regards to all facets of our rentals as well as the proper etiquette that’s expected from them while staying as guests of MiamiHabitat.

Our vacation rentals agreements contract is meticulous and covers guests understand that they should respect our properties, furthermore during the check in process we are taking the time to go through all applicable rules and regulation applicable in the city of Miami Beach and in our Miami Beach vacation rentals. Our statistics shows that we are very efficient in having our clients behaving and that on average only 3% of our guests are being charges for creating issues.