When i get a quote how long is it valid?

Miamihabitat offers the best Miami Beach vacation rentals and will be happy to send you our best rate proposal.
Guests can locate our Miami Beach vacation rentals either on own websites or on other vacation rental websites. To begin the reservation process and to receive a rate proposal guests may either contact us by phone or by email. Once a member of our sales staff has spoken to a potential client and understands what type of property they are looking to book, they will then send to the client by email a list of available Miami Beach vacation rentals with their rates.

We have dozens of sales agents working seven days a week to take care of the numerous inquiries from potential clients calling from all around the world. While you receive a quote on a property, another sales agent may be giving a quote for that same property to someone else. It is our procedure that the first person to send a deposit along with the proper paperwork will reserve the property.

Prices for our Miami Beach vacation rentals fluctuate often depending on the season, occupancy rate and overall demand therefore we often have similar properties that may be priced differently. As with all negotiations time is of the essence, our rate proposals are typically valid from 12 hours to 24 hours at the most. We encourage guests to book as quickly as possible to make sure that their rate proposal is upheld. We often receive phone calls from people that received a quote three months prior thinking that the price would still be valid but unfortunately it does not work this way.

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