South Beach Lodging news, how to get in South Beach night clubs

South Beach has a reputation to have a torrid and exciting nightlife, celebrities; high profile business people as well as vacationers want to be part of it. However the best South Beach night clubs are not always easy to get in. celebrities love Miami that they consider as their favorite party spot, unlike California our night clubs stay open very late. The good thing in selecting a South Beach lodging located in the vicinity of our South Beach lodging is that one can simply walk home.

Guests in our South Beach lodging often ask us the following question: how can we get in. those exlusive night clubs?.We will provide our best tips that will enhance your chances to mingle with Miami socialites and celebrities.

To get in South Beach best night clubs you will need to be well prepared and have a real plan of action. Staying in line or being refused entrance is not fun so pay attention to our tips:

Be well dressed

  • First and foremost pay attention at the way you are dressed, night clubs love beautiful, attractive and well dressed people. Night clubs love people that they think will spend a lot of money. Studying the profile of clients at each of those clubs is important to make sure that you are dressed the right way . Men should were look classy and cool, with a designer’s jeans an elegant shirt or t shirt. Men should ban shorts, sneakers and all messy clothing. Women should be sexy: tight and sexy will always do it in South Beach, highlighting the sophistication of the person.

Arrive early

  • Attractive well dressed club goers should arrive early, that is if they are not from here and are not known. You will arrive around 11 at night, the line will be empty and it will be easier to get in.

Come in by couples or no more than 3 at a time Doormen at night clubs do not like to see big groups of people so make sure that you fragment your party. If your party includes men and women make sure that you break them smartly:

  • Men with women
  • The most beautiful women with the less looking guy ( he will need to look and act affluent)
  • The most good looking guy with the less stunning girl
  • Make sure that all members of your party are over 21 years of age and the ones that look younger should have their ID with them
  • Large group of beautiful women is usually not a problem, however a large group of men is a problem they should be broken up.

Be polite and kind with Doormen
Do not look desperate, don’t be arrogant, look sure of yourself with a beautiful smile. Never attempt to tip a doormen, it is insulting.