How do I know if you are being fair when accessing damages?

Miamihabitat aims to satisfy its Miami Beach vacation rentals guests, in order to do so we need to be fair at all times. In order to make sure that we are fair we have staffed our company adequately to make sure that we will meet with all ours guests upon check in and check out read more.

During the check in and check out our property managers will tour the property with our guests to make sure that there are no deficiencies, if deficiencies are found they will be marked on our digital floor plans. Our guests staying in our Miami Beach vacation rentals will then sign a digital report that establishes the current condition of the property in which they will be staying. This report will be compared to the report that will be created during check out.

Guests will need to be very attentive during those processes and therefore will make sure that are being treated fairly. Our company has a very high satisfaction level with our guests and enjoy the best BBB online rating, read more on this. This A rating proves that we treat our clients fairly.

We are a professional, fair and ethical company. Our fairness and ethical approach was the reason why all the properties that we managed have been granted grand father rights and are all legal despite the 2010 Miami Beach ordinance that banned most short term rentals.

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