What can we do to avoid being charged for potential damages?

People often ask us what they can do to avoid being charged for any potential damages upon check-out time. The answer is very simple; respect our Miami vacation rentals and follow all rules and regulations that are outlined in your signed contact. Additionally, be careful not to break or damage anything within the unit that is a direct result of your acts.

Our contract is very clear on what we expect from our guests staying in our Miami Beach vacation rentals. The contract outlines in detail a list of property rules and regulations. A property manager will also spend a large amount of time briefing you upon check-in. We have also posted notices, where appropriate, within each of our rentals. These notices are reminders to our guests of our policies and help to reduced problems and damages that may be deducted from our guest’s deposit. It is also important that to notify the property manager immediately is a problem occurs or something has been damaged.