Homeowners Associationís rules restrict vacation home rentals

A Florida homeowners' association (HOA) is made up of a group of homeowners from a particular neighborhood that oversee the rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot occur in the homes and community in which they live. An HOA is also responsible for maintaining common areas and to govern the community in accordance with the provisions of the legal documents as outlined in the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Many of the Homeowners Association’s rules in neighborhoods throughout Miami restrict owners from renting their homes on a short term basis.

Many neighborhood Homeowners Association’s rules include bylaws that restrict or regulate vacation home rentals in their community. In spite of this, if a community does not have laws that restrict short term rentals of homes in their neighborhood the association may still choose to amend the rules and regulations and restrict vacation rental home rentals in Miami.

For a Homeowner’s Association to implement new rules into their Bylaws or articles of corporation it takes a certain amount of votes by the members, or owners, to be effective. Any changes made to the Homeowner’s Association’s rules will be retroactive allowing owners that bought their property to operate as vacation home rentals in Miami may continue to do so.