History of Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach is world-renown and often celebrated. And, frankly, there is a great deal to celebrate. Everything from the Miami holiday apartments, beaches, nightlife, and stunning art deco styling make this part of the country truly unique. It seems as though the world has been vacationing here forever, when technically the City of Miami Beach is not even that old. The City of Miami Beach is still shy of its 100th birthday. The City of Miami Beach was officially incorporated in March of 1915. In comparison, just across Biscayne Bay, Miami had officially been a city since 1896.

The first structures in Miami Beach were actually in place in the late 1870’s, but it wasn’t until 1880’s and 1890’s when an agriculturalist by the name of John Collins began planting avocados in the area, did commerce begin to take off. Now, as you cruise down modern-day Collins Avenue, you’ll know why it is named that way! In 1915, the city’s first hotel went up, and the building is still there to this day. You can find it at 112 Ocean Drive. After years of continual growth, the City of Miami Beach began to see more hotels spring up as well as more tourists arriving throughout the 1920’s. However it is the rental stucco hotels that popped up in the 1930’s that earned Miami Beach its first significant trademark style, “Art Deco”. Many of these stylish buildings still exist today, largely on Ocean Drive.

After World War II, Miami Beach picked up an influx of full-time residents. This number jumped again after Castro rose to power in 1959. The City of Miami Beach saw a significant increase in refugees from Cuba that, over time, changed the cultural and societal make-up of the city.

The 1960’s and 70’s saw an increase of crime and poverty within the city itself, but tourists still flocked to the beaches, keeping local commerce humming. The early and mid-80’s saw things turn positive for Miami Beach, strengthened by the interest in pop-culture from films like “Scarface” and television shows like “Miami Vice.”

In light of that cultural resurgence, Miami Beach began to prosper once again and has continued to since. The latest census information has Miami Beach at just under 88,000 residents. You can rest assured that those residents would all tell you that the sights, the sounds, and the culture of this proud city have never been more appealing. The present and the future are bright for the City of Miami Beach, but don’t take our word for it! Come visit – just make sure to have your Miami Holiday apartments booked in advance, they go fast!