Jet Lag in Miami: How to Fight It

If you leave Europe to go to Miami and enjoy the city and accommodations Miami Beach, you should take into account a lag time of 6 hours. Jet lag is a physical reaction to a rapid change of time zone. It affects most travelers including airline pilots. Symptoms common in jet lag are disorientation, irritability, fatigue, swollen eyes and legs, headaches and stomach aches. Find ways to minimize and fight Jet lag in Miami.

To better adjust to the time difference and fight Jet lag in Miami, prepare yourself for this change of pace. A few days before your departure, try to gradually adjust your hours of sleep to those of your destination. Before boarding the plane, rest well, moisturize regularly and eat properly. Do some exercises that can help you sleep better on the plane and avoid drinking alcohol.

Some refer to the rule of "1 day for 1 hour" to fight Jet lag in Miami; the rule states that you should take one day of rest per hour difference of the departure city. You can end up losing days of your vacation just sleeping in your accommodations Miami Beach and it is really difficult to apply this rule if you are just spending a few days in a vacation rental accommodations Miami Beach.