Enforcement of Illegal Vacation Rentals in Miami

Between 2008 and 2010, laws were passed by the City of Miami Beach that seriously limited vacation lodging in Miami Beach. Since these laws were passed the city has significantly increased the enforcement of illegal vacation rentals in Miami.

Although short term lodging in Miami brings a lot of money to the city, officials take the enforcement of illegal vacation rentals in Miami very seriously. Below are some of the actions that are taken to enforce these new laws:

Enforcement of short term rental ordinances by others:
Complaints filed by neighbors with the code compliance department.
Neighborhood associations are reporting illegal rentals.
Condo Associations are report illegal vacation rentals.

Enforcement of illegal vacation rentals in Miami by compliance officers:
Neighborhood patrols help locate transient rentals by identifying new vehicles.
Checking properties whose owners have previous short term rental violations.
Surfing the internet to find advertisements of illegal short term rental operators.