Do you supply towels and linens?

Miamihabitat supplies linen and towels for all our Miami Beach vacation rentals. The amount of towels and linen provided will be based on the sleeping capacity of the Miami Beach vacation rental home and vacation condo. Our homes are equipped with a washer and dryer so guests may clean their sheets and towels if they should choose to. Most of our condos have washers and dryers in the unit or within the building. You may refer to our website for each property’s description or ask one of our rental agents regarding washers and dryers for a particular property.

For a small fee you may request to have additional cleaning service or have someone come to the property and change your linens for fresh ones. This may be requested through your property manager or with our customer service. For more information refer to…… additional cleaning services.

In the event that you are a big "consumer" of linens and towels and that you do not wish to pay for cleaning services you are more than welcome to bring your own linens and towels.