Do you ever add new properties to your inventory?

Miami Beach is one of the most popular resort destinations in all of the US. More than 50% of the residential homes located in the magic city are more than likely used as secondary homes. In most cases, the home owners will use the properties just a few times a year and rent them as Miami Beach vacation rentals for the remainder of the time.

Owning a property in South Florida can be quite expensive so many owners try to mitigate this heavy burden by renting their properties. This can be a difficult job especially for those owners that don’t live in Miami and are not familiar with the industry. It’s for this reason that we are meeting owners every week and acquiring new properties by listing their homes as Miami Beach vacation rentals. Not every property however will meet our standards and be listed on our website. Every property must meet a series of qualifications at which point the owner must agree to keep the property in mint condition. The owner of the property must also be reliable and committed to renting their properties through us as well as honor all agreed upon reservations.

We are always looking for new properties that we may offer to our clients at a great value, specifically in our current economic environment.