Distance between Florida Cities

Florida stretches over 65,795 square miles. If you are expecting to visit multiple Florida cities during your stay in Florida, try to map out your routes ahead of time. I would be a good idea to find out the time and distance between Florida cities. Miami is a great base destination where you can stay in affordable and comfortable Miami Beach lodging for a few weeks and spend your weekends exploring other cities. Miami Beach lodging are reserved for weeks or months as opposed to on a nightly basis; therefore, you won't have to worry about wasting money on Miami Beach lodging if you spend a few nights somewhere else. Fortunately, the routes between the cities are pretty clear and easy to navigate. Explore Florida and encounter unique cities filled with different attractions.

Below is a chart showing the major cities in Florida and the distance between Florida cities. Renting a car is strongly recommended for exploring Florida. Find the approximate distance between Florida cities below.