Is South Miami and South Beach the same place?

Understanding the geography of Miami can be challenging specifically for foreigners and out of towners. The Greater Miami area is made up of independent municipalities and many of them have similar names. South Miami is a suburban neighborhood just south of Coral Gables in the City of Miami. Most people that live or stay in South Miami are local residents. A vacationer wanting to spend his holidays in Miami Beach will not want to choose to stay as far away as South Miami.

South Beach, a neighborhood of Miami Beach, is located twenty miles east of South Miami between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Although it’s in the same county as South Miami, South Beach is actually part of the City of Miami Beach. Miami, Florida is the state’s most popular destination but the majority of visitors to Miami want to stay in the Miami Beach in the South Beach neighborhood. This popular vacation destination also has the most demand for Miami Beach vacation rentals. Other options for lodging in Miami Beach include hotels, hostiles, and bed and breakfast accommodations.