Deco bike rental near Miami Beach accommodations

Miami is a big city, but when you have good transportation, it doesn’t feel that way at all. Public transportation options now make it easier than ever to get from your Miami Beach accommodations to wherever you need to go. One of the more popular, and more recent, methods of transportation is that of bike rental Miami. In particular, DecoBike has become the bike rental Miami vendor of choice for many. And once you learn a bit more about DecoBike, you may just realize why it is such a convenient way to see the city, tour the beaches, and get back to your Miami Beach accommodations!

DecoBike ( lets you utilize a rental bike as much or as little as you need it, and with no hassles! You can even sign up directly from their website and start riding immediately. There are plans and memberships for every budget and every time frame.

DecoBike has over 1,000 custom (and well-maintained) bicycles in its fleet. These state-of-the-art bikes are easy to spot and easy to use and come complete with a basket for carrying bags, laptops, or whatever you may need to transport. There are numerous DecoBike stations, called DecoStations, around the city. These solar-powered stations are where you go to pick up or return your bike when you are done with it.

Check out for more information on this neat program. There are even apps for your mobile phone so you can always tell how close you are to the nearest DecoStation. You may just find a DecoStation right by your Miami Beach accommodations!