Coupons for Miami Vacation Attractions

If you plan ahead, coupons for Miami attractions can make your visit to the city more pleasant. Not only do discounts make your stay less expensive, it enables you to do more! Miami vacation packages often enable you to visit numerous sites in the city, including museums, events, and amusement parks.

Utilizing the Go Miami card will enable you to gain access to thirty-six different attractions for free. You can pick and choose which places you’d like to visit, including museums, nature tours, animal parks, even the Bar Hop Shuttle – all for the price of the card. The Go Miami card is worth all the coupons for Miami attractions rolled into one neat little card. The card is available in one, two, three, five, and seven day passes ranging in price from $64.99 to $215.99 with a value of over $1000. When purchasing cards over three days, you also receive a free bonus attraction to your choice of either a Key West Day Trip or a Mai-Kai Polynesian Dinner Show. You’ll also receive a Miami guidebook, which offers additional savings. The Miami Go card will perfectly complement any Miami vacation packages to create the most memorable vacation yet.

The Go Miami Card offers free access to 36 destinations including the following favorite tourist spots:

Zoo Miami:
As one of the country’s top zoos, you’ll be sure to see a myriad of animals, including ones from Asia, Australia, and Africa. Zoo Miami is a free-range zoo, meaning that instead of individually caged animals, the creatures are grouped as they live geographically. If animals live peaceably together in the wild, they are kept in the same exhibits, making for a unique zoo experience. Priced at $17.07. Free with the Go Miami card.

Miami Seaquarium:
Located between downtown and Key Biscayne, the Miami Seaquarium is easily accessible and well worth the visit, especially considering it’s free with the Go Miami card. Thanks to the city’s fabulous climate, the aquarium is completely outdoors. Priced at $42.75. Free with the Go Miami card.

The Everglades:
The Everglades National Park in Florida is unlike any other national park in the country. The tropical climate allows for swamps, saw-grass prairies, and lush jungles along with an amazing number of rare and endangered species, including crocodiles, panthers, manatees, and a myriad of birds. With 1.5 million acres of land, much of this park is unexplored or visited only by scientists and naturalists. However, with the Go Miami Card, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into this natural escape. The following are all free with the Go Miami card.

  • Everglades Tour from Miami. Priced at $55.00.
  • Everglades Alligator Farm and Airboat Ride. Priced at $23.00.
  • Gator Park Airboat Tours. Priced at $22.99.
  • Everglades Airboat Ride at Sawgrass Recreation Park. Priced at $20.67.
  • Gatorland: The Alligator Capital of the World. Priced at $24.99.

Miami Museum of Science:
Home to kid-friendly science exhibits, including the Bird of Prey Research Center and the Weintraub Observatory. Priced at $14.95. Free with the Go Miami card.

Miami Children’s Museum:
Unlike most museums, this children’s museum encourages that patrons “play, learn, imagine, and create.” Interactive exhibits offer life-size fun and learning for kids of all ages. Priced at $16.00. Free with the Go Miami card.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:
All Miami vacations should include a visit to this piece of Miami history. The Vizcaya estate is a fifty-acre sculptured landscape with a historic European-style mansion that is a popular tourist site as well as a venue for weddings and other events. Priced at $15.00. Free with the Go Miami card.