What kind of insects and animals will I see in Miami?

Miami is known for its year round warm temperatures and sunny tropical weather. Miami is also known for having its share of year round biting insects. The most common insect is the mosquito which you are most likely to encounter during warmer months and in the summertime outside of vacation home rentals in Miami. To avoid being bitten by mosquito’s make sure you pack insect repellant which you can spray on clothes and skin.

Palmetto Bugs
The Palmetto bug is also very common in Miami. Cousin to the cockroach, these shiny, brown bugs can grow over three inches long and are found both inside and outdoors. Travelers staying in our vacation home rentals in Miami will see these bugs at night time around the docks. They are also very common in Miami Beach and can be found in almost every building and home.

The State of Florida is also home to a variety of poisonous snakes that include rattlesnakes, coral snakes and copperheads. Vacationers should be careful not to put their hands in dark places and not to step anywhere they can’t see what they are stepping on. Snakes are scared of people and will only bite if afraid or startled. If you encounter a snake calmly and slowly walk away. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you are bitten and remember any details you can that may help identify the type snake.

Alligators are plentiful in Florida and can be seen lying around on canal banks and beside rivers and lakes.

In Miami geckos and lizards are so common in buildings they are nicknamed ‘house lizards.’